What’s the Ameri-Tech Difference?

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You already know that managing a residential community is complex. Besides remaining compliant with state and local guidelines, you have responsibility for everything from property maintenance, to financials, to satisfying the needs of owners, renters, and shareholders.

Over our 25 years supporting communities in the Tampa Bay area, we have to say we’ve perfected the art of property management! That’s all due to our rock star staff and Ameri-Tech’s proven systems. Together they will save you time and money.

Our programs also deliver a virtual dashboard from which you may run reports, monitor the status of work orders, manage security access, and easily communicate with residents and board members. You’ll have real-time control over every aspect of the community in your care.

Bottom line? Our turn-key solutions will literally revolutionize your community’s management.

Here’s a brief overview of The Ameri-Tech Difference:

Emergency Response Team

When you live in Florida, you must be prepared for anything. As part of our commitment to the safety and protection of our communities, we have developed Ameri-Tech’s emergency response division.

Our professionals are FEMA-certified. In times of crisis, they collaborate to offer impactful support to the properties under our management.

For our client properties, we:

  • Clear the streets and sidewalks of debris to allow easy entry for emergency services vehicles.
  • Prevent further damage to structures by dispatching a blue tarp crew and contractors.
  • Provide a satellite feed with streaming video. This will not only allow a bird’s-eye view of the community, but it will facilitate the filing of insurance claims.

Centralized Communications Via Web-Based Services

You and your staff are likely on the move, or perhaps have employees working from home. You need a reliable hub that transcends the brick and mortar, allowing you to be location-less.

Access for Board Members

Password-protected admission will provide everything needed at the touch of a keyboard to facilitate interaction between board members and from board members to your community. You will also have the ability to remotely retrieve information like:


  • Financial data
  • Delinquencies
  • Non-compliance issues
  • Payment history
  • Work order requests
  • Governing docs
  • Operations information
  • Password and security management
  • Newsletters and event calendars
  • Targeted correspondence to select residents
  • Notifications


Besides offering a dependable means of accessing everything you need to function effectually; your Ameri-Tech point person will oversee the processing of your monthly financial reports via our advanced accounting program. This platform serves up a multitude of reports to provide both the big and the detailed picture.

To that financial end, one of our primary responsibilities will be to review, prepare, and recommend an operating budget to appropriately fund your long- and short-term objectives.

Website Development

With our in-house crew of developers, we will build an all-inclusive website for your association based on a selection of layouts and templates, specifically designed for the needs of your community.

This custom website will allow you to showcase community info and enhanced images of your recreational facilities and amenities. It will also allow retrieval of:

  • Streaming video and plat maps
  • Association docs including bylaws, covenants, rules/regs, architectural standards
  • Dates, agendas, and meeting minutes
  • Applications for residency and requests for architectural changes as well as estoppel letters and questionnaires…whatever forms suit

You will also be able to give your residents the contact info they seek with e-mail address links to the board members and your LCAM. A free flow of communication is a pillar of a healthy subdivision.

Vetted and Trustworthy Contractors

Ameri-Tech’s Preferred Vendor Program is a triumph. Over all our years in business we have amassed a roster of the “best of the best” in every specialization, from painting to plumbing.

Now you can avoid the horror stories associated with hiring sub-par resources. Work with only the finest at the fairest prices by leveraging our long-term alliance with these professionals to get the best for less. We will negotiate contracts on your behalf to deliver licensed and insured vendors on time, and ready to tackle projects of any size.

Upon engaging with Ameri-Tech, your board and your homeowners will also have benefit of all contractor contact information for their own use and will even receive a complimentary copy of our annual publication that highlights their areas of expertise.

A Diversified Team

While we hire service providers to do what they do best, our offices are bursting with subject matter experts. Under our roof we employ both an attorney and a CPA. Our senior staff members and departmental executives are qualified specialists at the top of their game.

Because we have all worked together for so long, we’re a superbly oiled machine. We don’t have the kind of employee turnover that leads to quality inconsistencies; the ones suffered by other community management firms. We are a highly functioning family — one that treats every community and its members and residents with the unique attention they deserve.

When you can finally collaborate with a consistent crew you will enjoy comprehensive management and financial services while increasing the value of your community. Getting happy accolades from your residents is an added bonus!

The Ameri-Tech Difference

Our experience in a broad range of distinct disciplines has made us invaluable to our client communities. That’s how we’ve been able to expand and perpetuate our brand of proficiency across-market.

As of this writing, in addition to our three offices, we will be opening several more in the Hillsborough area with plans to expand further south to the Bradenton and Sarasota areas and then east to Orlando.

At the end of the day, we’re in the people business. We are all about building relationships and forming bonds with board members, residents, and vendors. That’s the key to long-term success.

We can do the same for you with a seamless transition that will align you with the best business partner you’ve ever had. Ameri-Tech.


In the community management business for over 25 years, Ameri-Tech has earned its outstanding reputation by employing top executives, senior staff property managers, and a host of specialized professionals. Working in association with all manner of contractors to oversee 30,000+ units in the Tampa Bay area, the organization also boasts certifications in emergency management response services. If you are interested in a no obligation presentation to learn about the Ameri-Tech difference or to have your company considered for their Preferred Vendor Program, contact Sharon Perez at sperez@ameritechmail.com or at 727-726-8000, extension 246.

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