Emergency Management

Ameri-Tech Emergency Management Division

 Core Values:

Emergency Management Definition:  A management function that is charged with creating, promoting, educating, and supporting our communities with assistance in reducing the vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters.

Vision:  Promote involvement in the development and management of communities to manage all types of hazards and disasters.

Mission:  Protecting our communities by coordinating and integrating activities necessary to manage, cope, prepare, and recover from any threatened or actual natural disaster, acts of terrorism, or other man-made disasters.

Principles of Emergency Management:

  1. Comprehensive – Considering all hazards and all stakeholders when evaluating impacts relevant to all types of disasters.
  2. Progressive – Anticipate any future disasters and prepare step by step measures to build disaster resilient communities.
  3. Risk-Driven – Sound principles with focus on identifying hazards, risk analysis, and impact analysis, with focus on assigning priorities and resources.
  4. Integrated – Unity and collaboration effort among all levels of community involvement, utilizing effective communications.
  5. Collaborative – Create and maintain strong sincere relationships with all stakeholders, building trust, encouraging involvement, promoting team atmosphere, while maintain open communications.
  6. Coordinated – Activities relevant to communities and all stakeholders to achieve one goal, promoting effective positive results.
  7. Flexible – Creative and innovative approach solving any disaster challenges.
  8. Professional – Knowledge-based approach using education, training, experience, ethical practices, and finding innovation and technology improvements for effective management.

Fire Safety and Prevention

Precautions that are taken to prevent or reduce destruction caused by fire and offer proactive education and materials that will promote saving lives while reducing damage from potentially harmful fires.

Ameri-Tech Community Emergency Management team members are dedicated to assist your Community, Family and Neighbors are prepared for whenever a disaster may occur.

You become the greatest asset to help with managing a disaster with preparation and having resources available.

Take time to review the information provided and feel free to contact us with your questions or you can schedule a presentation for your community on how we can offer added assistance and support in developing your community disaster plan.

We offer a wide variety of additional services to help with disaster planning and education with our Emergency Management Readiness (EMR) program