Association Website Development

At Ameri-Tech Community Management our Website Development Team can develop a comprehensive website for your association specifically designed to meet the needs of your community, which includes enhanced photos, video, and drone footage of the common areas and recreational facilities.

This is a great tool for the Board of Directors to communicate to residents, Realtors, prospective buyers, and many others that may have an interest in your community.

What's Included?

Board of Directors Information

Meeting Dates and Times

Community Plat Maps

Agendas and Meeting Minutes

Association Governing Documents

Rules and Regulations

Residency Applications

Architectural Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

Association Budget

Payment Information

Work Order Requests

Estoppels and Transfer Information

Mitigation Certificates

Insurance Information

Official Notices

Bulletins and Newsletters

Interactive Contact Forms

Management Information

Enhanced Photo and Video

Amenities and Events

ADA Compliant Websites

ADA Compliance in Association Websites

Websites are considered a place of public accommodation, therefore Ameri-Tech includes the User Way widget on all websites to ensure ADA compliance and to assist those who may have visual disabilities. This widget is capable of changing the page contents and also includes a screen reader. The icon can be found on the bottom right of your screen.

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