What makes a good HOA Board member?

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The best homeowners association boards are those with engaged, active members. If you’re thinking about joining a board – we encourage you to consider it! It’s a great experience, you can learn a lot and also be able to help chart the course for your small community. 

However, if you’re on the fence or aren’t sure of what makes a good board member? Today’s blog is for you. Here are some of the traits that truly effective board members have and why they’re so meaningful. Let’s jump right in!

They’re good listeners

The old saying is – the quietest man in the room is the most dangerous; and that really applies to any board setting. Good leaders are good listeners. People – more than almost anything in life – want to be heard. Can you listen to your fellow community members and board members with sincere interest? You may have some ideas of your own, but everyone benefits when we’re listening and hearing each other out. 

They have thick skin

Homes are our own, personal castles. Sharing space with others can be difficult and challenging – and at times extremely frustrating. Sometimes things get heated, mean and insulting. People who are good at redirecting conversations, calm through conflict and probing in nature – make great board members. What’s really bothering people? And do you have the patience and persistence on hand to find out said problem so you can appropriately address it?

They are skilled

People can mince words all they’d like, but at the end of the day – an HOA is a business; a business that requires transferable skills to help manage and operate. HOA’s need accountants. They need team builders, leaders, managers, etc. We’re talking real nuts and bolts stuff to make the day-to-day work. So maybe you’re not the best problem solver. Maybe you’re not the leader. But hey – someone’s gotta keep the books!

They check their egos at the door

If the community wins, everyone ultimately wins. The more people are able to give each other credit and worry less about where the ideas come from than what they look like in implementation and practice – the better. Board members who come to help themselves only – are usually a problem. Board members that look to help each other and don’t come with some sort of personal checklist – they’re the ones who get things done. Are you willing to pursue the community’s interests over your own? Are you willing to compromise?

Great HOA board members come from all over. There’s no one, specific mold that fits all. But if you can help in any of these ways, trust us when we tell you that being on an HOA board can be a really rewarding experience you should explore further. Until then – best of luck!

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