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Our reputation is simply “we do what we say”! We take a team approach to management that begins with the highest level of support, follow-up, returned telephone calls, trust and respect. These are just a few of the services you can expect from the AMERI-TECH COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT TEAM. Our staff takes pride in being sensitive to the individual needs of our Board Members and Homeowners, thus creating a positive, mutually beneficial relationship. This fosters a greater understanding of your community needs and required management tasks. We not only meet your needs, we exceed your expectations!

Our Team

We are a team of individuals who care about providing leadership to our communities in the area of Fiscal, Administrative and Operational Responsibilities.

Our Experience

From managing Board meetings, to handling correspondence and preparing accurate, timely and comprehensive financial statements, – we do it all.

Message from CEO

Everyone at Ameri-Tech, from the front desk to the back office has an assigned role in order to help our communities during the event of a storm

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