A Homeowners Association’s spring and summer to-do list

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With more daylight hours and warmer weather – it’s time for your Homeowners Association to begin planning for the summer! By going through this to-do list, you’ll be checking off a number of objectives that any good homeowners association should keep in mind – while simultaneously balancing short term good-will and long term added value for your community as a whole. 


The spring/summer transition is the best time to start doing some landscaping around the property. Conduct a walkthrough to see what needs to be prioritized, but keep in mind that things like weeds, fallen branches, excess accumulation near storm drains and the like need to be addressed. Inspect any plants, shrubs, gardens and other aesthetic features to gage their health and consider whether they need replacing. And of course – look to add to the landscape! Could the flower beds use some new, more dynamic color? Could the entrance use a little bit more vibrancy? If you’re looking to make improvements, this is the time to do it.

Setting service with contractors 

Regardless if it’s landscaping, upkeep or improvements – the spring/summer transition is the time to start setting up and renewing service contracts. Make sure your board agrees on the areas of maintenance and once everyone’s on the same page – start compiling quotes and getting your maintenance programs set up. 

Also keep in mind that this is the best time for improvement projects as well. Parking lots tend to take a real beating here in Florida due to the salt and humidity in the air, so if your lots need an upgrade, now is the time to get that done. The same goes for other projects. Just inventory your needs and get on contractor’s radars now. 

Servicing systems

While this could certainly be lumped in with the last ‘to-do’ it really needs its own mention. Air conditioning and HVAC units take a beating here in Florida. They need to be constantly and consistently maintained not only in order to keep the running well, but to help save money for members of your communities. Especially if you have an older population, you can’t let this linger. 

Prepare amenities

Things like playgrounds, pools, tennis courts and barbeque pavilions need to be cleaned and prepared for use. Make sure they’re power washed, dirt buildup is cleared and insect nests are addressed. Any cracks or damage that might have occurred needs to be repaired. These are high-value-add, high-traffic aspects of your community and they need to be maintained and kept in tip-top shape. 

When you tackle your HOA spring/summer to-do list, you’re not only helping to maintain all the things that make your community so great, but you’re also upholding the fundamental mission of an HOA – which is to add value to the homes and your community as a whole. We’re almost all the way back, folks. Enjoy the summer!

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