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Having the patience to handle silly and tedious situations was something that our previous management company did not do. When David took the time to address an ongoing issue we have been having at the pool, he did so tactfully. Having a clear explaination to why our community needed to have this addressed. Nobody felt embarrassed or attacked by his approach and we now have a much more relaxing environment because of it. Thank you, Ameri-Tech. We appreciate you all!

“Ameri-Tech exceeded my expectations. We had a bad storm come through our area with enough force to cause damage to our roof. The heavy rain came into our kitchen and within 30 minutes had flooded most of the floor. My husband and I tried to contain as much as we could. We called the after hours emergency number and left a message. I honestly didn’t expect to reeive a call back since it was such a late hour. It wasn’t more than 15 minutes when Scott called us back and let us know what he would be able to do once the rain had stopped. 

The next day we received a call from one of Ameri-Techs team looking to schedule with us a time to assess the damage and repair the roof. We are so grateful for Scott and Ameri-Tech for providing such prompt and efficient service.”

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