Commercial Property Management

Commercial Property Management in Florida

Our team of specialists are all experts in the acquisition, Property Management and sale of commercial properties. With over 40 years of combined experience, we have established five basic principles that will increase your properties’ value and integrity, it’s profitability, and it’s salability.

Whether your property is currently for sale or an active investment, we guarantee that our experience and qualifications will quickly justify our Property Management Services. For a free, no obligation “Property Evaluation” and ten good reasons why our services can be extremely profitable to you, Contact Us Today.

Property Value:

The commercial value of your real estate is mostly determined by the net income the property generates. In many cases the income is low and the expenses are high. This can greatly affect the value of the property, thus making the property less attractive. As your Real Estate specialist, we will recommend and establish an income and expense budget analysis at no charge as part of our agreement. This will aid in structuring your property to generate the maximum net income, thus creating a cash flow that will support the greatest return and highest property value.


In some cases, after completing the financial analysis of the property, the property can be refinanced with the owner cashing-out all of their original investment equity. This is certainly recommended only with the right loan program; which allows the income to be increased and the expenses reduced to support the additional principal and interest costs related to the new mortgage.

As Licensed Mortgage Brokers, we can assist in meeting all necessary requirements of commercial lenders to refinance to improve your position, or finance the sale of your property. Our objective shall be to get your property approved with as many diversified commercial loan programs as possible to enhance your ability to sell to any potential investor.

Property Condition:

One of the largest expenses in maintaining a property is “Maintenance and Upkeep”. We have a full time “Property Maintenance Division” that can assist in the upkeep at a considerably lower cost than competitive contractors, thus positioning your property to generate a higher sales price.

Cash Flow:

The property’s cash flow analysis is critical to the resale and profitability of the investment. It is our objective to structure and operate the property to maximize the highest possible cash on cash return. Our computerized financial statements can support this information at any time to any potential investor.


The most important aspect of managing any property is the integrity and caliber of the “Tenants”. Without good tenants, managing can be a nightmare and financial disaster for the property owner. Our “Tenant” approval process is thorough and complete. We are on-line with all major credit bureaus and the Pinellas/Pasco/Hillsborough County Criminal systems. A complete financial and criminal background check is processed on every tenant at no charge to the property owner. Furthermore, we will process any necessary “Tenant Evictions” at no additional charge.

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