Community Management


Ameri-Tech delivers the utmost professional management service that your association deserves. We utilize a number of proven community management practices to effectively work together with your volunteer staff and Board members. With our knowledgeable, experienced and committed staff, we complete all tasks on time and within budget. From budgeting to maintenance, activity planning to compliance issues, and everything in between, we apply top-notch business skills that allow for strong and cohesive communities!


At Ameri-Tech we provide our Boards with comprehensive monthly financial’s and accounting. We have on-site bookkeeping and an administrative staff to provide additional support. We provide architectural reviews, operating and reserve budget preparation. All community compliance issues are efficiently tracked and delivered in a timely manner to the Board of Directors.



At Ameri-Tech we effectively become a member of your team. We are your professional managers and business consultants. Most of our staff and Property Managers have had extensive experience serving as Board members. Our managers hold many Florida licenses such as Community Association Manager (LCAM), Real Estate Instructor, Real Estate Broker, certified City Planners, electrical contractors, plumbing contractors, roofing consultants, insurance specialists, former law enforcement and fire fighters. We abide by a strict code of ethics in all that we do. When we say we’ll get the job done, we get it done!


We have worked with community associations for over 20 years and brought our clients a sophisticated yet personal level of service and experience. Our team of professionals is committed to State required continuing education as well as in-house educational meetings thus providing our communities with a high level of expertise in the industry. We experience little turnover of staff ensuring ongoing continuity of quality services. Ameri-Tech is continuously obtaining new accreditations and designations within the industry. Our reputation is solid in the industry for saving our associations millions of dollars in expenses over the years and maintained or substantially reduced monthly fees. Our community management experience ranges from 10 to 2,000 + units/lots and no job is too small or too large. We develop and implement streamline management tools so that our communities have definitive results that ensure success and longevity!


Proper budgeting and financial planning are critical to a well run community. One of our primary responsibilities as your management company will be to review, prepare and recommend to the Board of Directors an operating budget which adequately covers the immediate and long term needs of the community. The budget should reflect the requirements of the community documents, as well as the requirements of applicable state law. A well planned association can help provide for the health and stability of the community for many years.

money beltWe take not only the more visible side of association management seriously, but we also believe that strong financial management and controls help ensure the gains in long-term value for your community. As your management company we review and prepare comprehensive financial reports for the Board of Directors. Our extensive financial services are provided by managers and accountants who stay abreast of the latest governmental, operational and financial management trends in community association management – all designed to keep your association running at its peak!


Whether you need an update or a full reserve study, we do it all. Every community is unique therefore each study and maintenance plan will have distinctly different components. We investigate each component starting with the specific materials used and then consider how the application of those materials could affect the projected useful life of that component. We utilize our understanding of current building trends and materials to determine the most accurate estimate of useful life. On-going consultation with manufacturers and professionals in their trade allow us to anticipate price increases and index future costs. We provide significant savings to our clients through unmatched purchasing power.



An important factor for a sound management program is the ability to anticipate and plan for future maintenance requirements. Planning and scheduling of deferred maintenance projects allow funds to accrue and eliminates the necessity for special assessments. Therefore assuring owners the value of their investment will be protected.


We work with the title company escrow officer in establishing procedures that allow for expedient processing of information needed for the timely closing of sales.

We can create and distribute new owner packets that provide comprehensive Association information and guidance. We will provide assistance and guidance to realtors and brokers in understanding the Association Documents, Policy and Administrative Resolutions, Budgets and other procedures that owners anticipate when purchasing and becoming members of the community.

We also provide homeowners with a level of advice, education, and assistance so that community members have some level of understanding and involvement in the Association operations (subject to Board approval). Hopefully, this leads to a group of educated owners who will be willing to serve on future Boards.


laptopManagement and administration of our community associations have a number of important components which include the Board of Directors, Committees, Association members at large and the Managing Agent. Managing Agent normally reports to the Board President. Professional, effective and efficient administration of the Association includes the participation of the Agent, who brings considerable experience, advice, guidance, assistance and an administrative plan to the Board and the Community. Communication and meetings provide a format for information exchange, policy development and administrative decisions.

The Managing Agent should be considered part of the management team and thus be involved with the Board in developing and conducting the business affairs of the Association. Valuable benefits to an Association are the seasoned professional experiences of Ameri-Tech. The Board should give serious consideration to the role of the Managing Agent. Many of our clients utilize the “full service” approach while some simply utilize a limited number of services.



Our community management costs are principally related to the number of staff hours needed to perform the variety of tasks and services for our client. A management proposal/contract typically identifies a budget of dollars for staff services. A lead manager is assigned to each client and performs normal and special management related tasks. A schedule of hourly rates is assigned to each category of staff member such as administrative/secretarial, accounting, manager and senior manager. When feasible, we make an effort to provide services with lower cost staff members while working under the direction of the lead manager. This allows a blend of personnel at different rates and the results are favorable to our client – more service at less cost! Office supplies, printing, postage, etc., are reimbursed based on the level of individual client use.


officeOur policy resolutions are key components recommended to our clients to help define community policies and operations while providing a higher level of efficiency in administering the business affairs of a community association. Development of resolutions includes the opportunity for the involvement and input of all community members, with the Board of Directors finalizing and approving the final product. Resolutions can include a broad range of subjects with some of the most common areas including:

  • Maintenance fee collection policy
  • Areas of maintenance responsibility
  • Association vs. individual owners
  • General community rules and guidelines
  • Recreation facilities and swimming pool operations and guidelines
  • Parking and traffic rules and compliance procedures; towing policy
  • Association insurance coverage on behalf of the individual owners, deductibles, scope of coverage and claims administration
  • Move in and out arrangements and procedures, especially for multilevel buildings
  • Landscaping guidelines and polices where the Association provides services, plus those areas where individual owner activities impact Association services
  • Design/Architectural review application, approval and compliance
  • Procedures relating to gaining compliance (enforcement) including notification procedures, sanctions, fine, schedules, and the appeal process
  • Defining community planning for meeting the financial needs of the Association, especially relating to the operating budget and long range capital reserve plans
  • Establishing community standards for maintenance of building, landscaping and facilities


We take an integrated approach using state of the art administrative tools. Ameri-Tech uses software modules that provide interfacing and comprehensive data on vital components. These tools improve administrative and management efficiency, save staff time and provide a mechanism for tracking activities and events.

  • Collections for providing notification and timely follow up related to collections and delinquencies.
  • Work orders to address both general administrative and maintenance needs of each individual, their property and the Association common areas at large.
  • Design/architectural to document, process building and landscape applications by individual members and general administration of both applications and compliance.
  • Compliance for administration and coordination of rules and code violations within the community.

Each module provides a monthly report of on-going activities of the Association and its administration, allowing the Board to stay informed and to receive a higher standard of service. These reports are categorized by property (unit or lot), summary of specific/generic areas and an overall summary.


Each month the Board of Directors receive an information package of reports from each of the modules listed above, including monthly financial’s showing balance sheet, bank balances and capital reserve items, income and expense report.

Ameri-Tech, as its name implies – possesses technical capabilities that far exceed our competition. Our web based access program provides our Board of Directors with real-time access to their financial data, delinquency and non-compliance related issues.


At Ameri-Tech Community Management we understand everything that goes into making your association run smoothly – while assuring that residents are pleased. Not just for today but for the long term. That’s why from the beginning we strive to ensure the satisfaction of your association’s residents and to uphold the investment you’ve made. As Board and Committee Members change, we provide a historical perspective to those new members as well as owners. Board members are encouraged to avoid direct confrontation with their neighbors over difficult issues such as delinquent accounts, compliance/enforcement issues and architectural and landscape design. This allows us to keep harmony as the third party as we keep things at a business level which expedites resolution. Ameri-Tech staff members are specially trained to handle and resolve difficult situations with courtesy and respect, this allows the Board to serve in a more positive role handling appeals and special considerations and exceptions that might be appropriate and consistent with the documents.



Monthly administrative and maintenance calendars are developed by Ameri-Tech to identify a schedule of events and tasks. This monthly schedule lists various maintenance and repair activities, which assists the Board and its members to identify events as they occur and to keep to the planned budget. The administrative calendar identifies regular and annual meeting schedules, planning and adoption of the Association budget, major projects and more. These items assist the Board and Management in identifying agenda items for upcoming meetings to ensure contract proposals; policy resolutions and other decision-making materials and information are prepared and available. These tools may be shared with the membership at large to promote understanding of the planning and timing of various activities.


worldPeriodic communication with the membership is essential in maintaining a healthy and happy community. They have the right to be aware of Association activities and how they impact the value of their housing investment. Ameri-Tech will work with the Board through newsletters, websites and web-based access programs and other communication tools that meet the needs of the community.

Well-informed members are more likely to support community policies and projects as well as provide support to Board members.


Operating budgets are routinely reviewed and adjusted annually based on normal inflation and changing needs of the Association. Ameri-Tech prefers to utilize extensive budget notes to provide a description of each budget item. Budget notes help the membership to understand the financial needs of the Association and the level of projected services, improving community wide support.

Capital reserve studies and budgets are required by state law under the Condominium and Planned Community Acts. Ameri-Tech has extensive experience in both the development and administration of capital reserve budgets and the administration of implementing those plans. Often lacking in reserve studies is periodic maintenance of reserve components. A good operating budget and capital reserve maintenance program can have a significant effect on the life of various building components and reduce the potential for more costly repairs. A variety of approaches can be used by older communities in bringing their capital reserve funding to an appropriate level and to become compliant with current law. The Board will find the need to occasionally use architectural and engineering consultants to provide evaluations and plan for the maintenance and repair of some elements. Reserve studies should be more than simply listing components and calculating their projected replacement costs. A major responsibility of the Board of Directors is setting a standard to preserve property values by implementing timely and quality maintenance and replacement programs for their Association. Failure to meet a reasonable standard may have legal ramifications for Board members.

When Ameri-Tech prepares a capital reserve budget there is an opportunity for the Board to be involved in the process for a higher level of understanding. Records and calculations are within Ameri-Tech’s system and frequent updates and scenarios can be made available more readily and at considerably less cost than using an outside consultant to provide updates. The Board of Directors are ultimately responsible for approving all capital reserve studies and their involvement in the process can greatly improve their understanding of the reserve components, their costs and the maintenance replacement schedule. The reserve study should be presented in an easy to understand format with appropriate descriptions for each item.



Association records should be kept in good order and provide an appropriate history of events and activities. Ameri-Tech utilizes an extensive master filing system, both paper and electronic, to retain records for each client. These records remain the property of the Association. Many records are scanned into electronic files to reduce the volume of paper storage needs. These files can be provided to clients in CD form. Records in electronic format provide an opportunity for sharing information via the internet. Copies of documents can be printed for those clients preferring the paper approach.


A work order system is available to document activities including, but not limited to, maintenance requests by individual owners; routine scheduling and assignment of common area maintenance; client complaints; requests for information and documents; memorializing and cataloging correspondence and e-mails on a variety of subjects; Board and committee
communications; and other items appropriate to the history of Association business activities. The information is filed according to subject category and can be retrieved in report form for all activity or for specific categories. A profile can be obtained on a particular subject to assist in decision making, such as roof repair history for all buildings, or all maintenance and repairs at a specific address. A report of the most recent 60-days is routinely provided to Board members along with their monthly financial reports. Work orders are initiated based on phone calls, correspondence, meeting decisions, routine scheduling of services, e-mails and other sources. E-mails and other electronic communications can be imported into work orders. The work order identifies the request, assignment of the activity and when appropriate, is used to provide a response or capture the results of an activity or request.


Many communities, especially condominiums and townhouses, have more favorable and cost effective results when experienced maintenance personnel familiar with the community are routinely assigned to provide those services. Ameri-Tech has a group of maintenance personnel that provides handyman services at an hourly rate that is not included within the routine management fee. Most maintenance requests are completed within one to two weeks depending on the nature of the activity and collective scheduling of multiple maintenance activities for cost efficiency. Emergency needs can be resolved immediately while many other activities can be grouped for the same visit. We have 24-hour emergency maintenance services available for our clients, all days of the year. When feasible, work is scheduled for normal business hours to avoid overtime labor rates. Swimming pool and recreation facility services are supervised as a part of our normal maintenance services. Our hourly rates are considerably less than those charged by pool companies. Maintaining a swimming pool requires more than is provided by a pool service company, such as cleaning of restrooms, pool deck and furniture, etc. We utilize trained and qualified pool service personnel and in many situations the same individual is capable of taking care of other miscellaneous maintenance needs in the community, saving time and providing efficiency of services.

Handyman maintenance, janitorial and swimming pool services are routinely provided by our maintenance personnel. We have weekly meetings with maintenance, management and administrative support personnel to discuss and clarify client maintenance needs, assign responsibilities and obtain updates on various projects. This collaborative effort allows for sharing of information, guidance on tasks to be performed and allows for greatly improved efficiency and administration of maintenance related activities. This efficiency and planning is part of the built-in management plan for our communities, determining the proposed level of management services and the time needed to provide those services. Variations to our routine and recommended approach typically require more time of a manager, which translates into additional costs to the client.



A critical aspect of an association’s operation is its insurance coverage. Communities face significant challenges in obtaining adequate coverage but at Ameri-Tech we work with an Insurance Risk Consultant and identify new lines of insurance to improve property coverage. Avoiding claims, clarifying areas of insurance responsibility and the level of deductibles are among important factors that contribute to a better insurance program thus reducing the risk of higher insurance premiums. Over the years we have been able to save millions in premiums for our associations while at the same time obtain a more comprehensive insurance plan.


final-demandMany of our clients prefer the “user pay concept” whereby those individual members requiring considerable attention, special services, and/or are uncooperative in following community policies, are obligated to reimburse the Associations administrative costs. Some of these areas include collection of delinquent accounts, compliance actions, design review/ARC applications, etc. These types of charges need to be identified in advance to members so that they are aware of costs and procedures, which are easily captured within the policy resolutions.


Ameri-Tech provides assistance to owners, their mortgage company and title company/escrow officer. Costs for these services are paid by the individual owners. The on-going ability of the escrow officers and mortgage companies to have a central contact on behalf of the Association is most important in helping the Association collect appropriate funds from both the Buyer and the Seller, plus providing accurate information for use by realtors, mortgage companies, buyers and new owners.


Builder warranties related to new construction can be a challenging issue for an Association. Our experience has demonstrated considerable success in helping the Board of Directors work with
the Builder/Developer to resolve warranty issues. We can help facilitate the team of consultants, attorneys and others resolving issues while providing guidance, information and understanding to the Board of Directors throughout the process. Avoiding litigation is generally the preferred path and is much less expensive. However, an Association is normally able to recover its legal and consulting costs when challenging a Builder or Developer.

Early identification of issues allows the Builder/Developer to often rely on the warranties of their sub-contractors to correct construction problems and reduce costs to themselves and the Association. This special consulting service is not part of the routine management list of services and is available to clients at an additional fee.


In the unlikely event a hurricane or other disaster strikes, access may be limited to some parts of your community or roads may be blocked entirely with debris. Emergencies and disasters can strike quickly and without warning and can force you to evacuate or confine you to your home. Should the Governor declare an emergency, at the option and consent of the Board, Ameri-Tech’s Community Emergency Response Team will be there to help!

Because emergency services personnel will not be able to immediately help every community to clear blocked roads and parking lots, AMERI-TECH can make a difference. Our Managers are FEMA Certified and by working as a team, will be able to do the greatest good for the properties under our management.

Here’s how:

  • Ameri-Tech’s Emergency Response Team will be there to assist FEMA and the American Red Cross for communities under our management, as soon as conditions allow after a disaster strikes
  • Recovery action: it will be necessary to clear downed trees and branches from the streets and parking lots to allow access to emergency vehicles such as FEMA or the American Red Cross
  • Secure the property
  • Photograph and video tape the entire community and affected damages
  • Information provided quickly to the Board Members via a web-based program
  • Attempt to mitigate further damages
  • Emergency contact list of Licensed and Insured contractors essential for critical repairs
  • Help remove large, uprooted trees, etc.
  • Help prepare loss information for Insurance claims

Should Association agree to educate its residents, we will provide Emergency Management training in areas such as:

  • What is a hurricane?
  • Preparing your home for disaster
  • Disaster Mitigation (preparing, planning and acting on ways to lessen the impact of a disaster)
  • Food & water in an emergency
  • Knowing your zone
  • Special needs
  • Pet preparation
  • Shelter options
  • After the storm
  • Many more educational programs are available!

Ameri-Tech – We Are Part of the Solution in Emergency Management!