Mission Statement

We are a team of individuals who care about providing leadership to our communities in the area of Fiscal, Administrative and Operational Responsibilities. Ameri-Tech is a company dedicated as "People Managing Resources" for those we take pride in serving and caring for.

Business Principles

- Support, educate and foster growth of our boards

- Ehnance professional skills and expertise

- Communicate openly

- Strive for peak performance

- Full compliance and timely reporting

- Mitigate Association Risk/Limit Liability

- Deliver quality service to our customers

Core Values

Teamwork and Trust

Honesty and Integrity

Highest Professional Standards

Pride in our Work and Company

Commitment to Technology and Innovation

Our Goals

To deliver services that enrich communities and enhance the lives of the people we serve

To provide exceptional customer service and to exceed expectations

To offer quality services and create strategic relationships with endors to streamline processes that benefit the community.

To train and reward employees in a family oriented/teamwork environment

To be profitable, to facilitate growth and to reward performance

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