50 Reasons Why Ameri-Tech Can Make a Difference!

  1. We do what we say!
  2. We really DO make a difference!
  3. We return phone calls the very same day!
  4. Respect and Courtesy you can depend on!
  5. Sensitive to the needs of our Board Members and Homeowners!
  6. Goals that will exceed your expectations!
  7. Maintain, upgrade and work your community to protect your property values!
  8. Work to keep maintenance fees as low as possible!
  9. We will maintain the condition of your property for the least amount of money!
  10. We will always support and advise the Board on a continuing basis!
  11. We have a state of the art computerized accounting system!
  12. Monthly mini-audit – a comprehensive and self-contained Financial Report!
  13. Lock box system!
  14. We will ensure transparent, accurate, and timely financial’s!
  15. Integrity in all aspects of business!
  16. Experienced and educated staff!
  17. Preferred and qualified Vendor list – properly insured and licensed!
  18. Our Property Managers will solicit bids for special projects, specifications for the board to review and approve!
  19. Seamless transition from former management company to Ameri-Tech!
  20. Provide 24 hour emergency after hours’ services!
  21. We become a member of your team!
  22. We are pro-active and begin working to save you money before stepping foot on your property.
  23. We are fully licensed and properly insured!
  24. Inspections – we walk your property with a board member regularly!
  25. We offer a 30 day without cause clause in our management contract!
  26. Advocate for communities we manage!
  27. We never leave you hanging – when your manager is sick or on vacation we always have a manager to cover the needs of our communities.
  28. We always attend your meetings!
  29. Outstanding list of referrals!
  30. Experience – associations benefit from our experience of highly trained and knowledgeable staff and managers!
  31. We can customize an accounting program for your community’s needs!
  32. Complimentary spacious meeting facilities at our office!
  33. Team work – Ameri-Tech’s entire staff come together to work for YOU!
  34. Manage all contractors employed by the association!
  35. Provide website at No Charge and waive hosting for the first year.
  36. Ability to monitor payment history and get updates on activities
  37. Cash based accounting system – showing exact amounts, what goes in, when and to whom.
  38. We will enforce your Deed Restrictions based on the Board direction!
  39. FEMA Certified – when disaster occurs, we are there working to get your streets cleared and insurance claims processed.
  40. Act as liaison between the Board and homeowners!
  41. In house Attorney!
  42. In house CPA!
  43. Experienced Property Managers!
  44. Professional designations!
  45. Non-compete with contractors and vendors
  46. Over 25 years of experience in Community Management
  47. On-going training and certification for Property Managers
  48. Complete emergency management program customized to your community!
  49. Web Based Access Program!
  50. Association Website!