Message from the CEO

By: Mike Perez

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As we begin a New Year, it seems like a good time to look back on more than thirty years of Ameri-Tech Community Management’s experience in West Central Florida, and look ahead to our plans for even greater service to our communities under management.

Ameri-Tech has more than 25,000 units in its communities. It is a point of pride for us to ensure that each of our communities, each of the residents in our communities, knows that we take a personal interest in each property’s responsible administration, fiscal health, and stable market values.

We now manage properties in three counties: Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco, with new property associations calling all the time to find out what we can do for them. As we grow, we take care to invite the most qualified professionals to work with and on behalf of our associations’ boards.

Our management team, our Realtors, and those select few we invite to learn property management the Ameri-Tech way are the reason so many condominium and homeowners’ associations are eager to “Experience the Difference” that Ameri-Tech makes!

That’s because we combine the tried and true principles of fiscally responsible property management with the innovations that the latest technology provides: literally, the best of both worlds.

We know that the association boards of the properties we manage expect only the best, and we provide it.

That may mean ensuring that board members have all the information they need to represent their members fairly and in compliance with all laws and regulations that apply to their type of community.

We conduct regular inspections to ensure proper maintenance of our managed properties.

We provide our boards with real-time access to the reports they need to conduct business effectively.

We also take pride in professionally resolving issues when residents are non-compliant with their associations’ governing documents.

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Because we work with a variety of experienced maintenance companies — everything from roofing repair, to paving, plumbing, painting, grounds keeping, swimming pool maintenance and repair, and air conditioning — we can make confident referrals when our boards need to secure these services, or when residents need services like carpet and furniture cleaning, catering, cabinetry, or tile work.

We’ve even taken a leadership role in helping educate the general public about the ins-and-outs of condominium or managed community ownership: in 2015, we produced a television show called “Condo Cops” which aired throughout the Tampa Bay area. It showed the humorous and sometimes heartbreaking stories that we’ve come across in our years of property management, and included answers to questions about the legal issues involved in association ownership.

Every year, Ameri-Tech Community Management works to improve its services, and the way we deliver them. We hand-select members of our staff to be a community’s primary point of contact so our boards know they can always find a responsive manager to handle virtually any issue.

We take a hands-on approach in assisting our boards, helping to conduct association meetings, providing ongoing training, and offering opportunities to network with our vendors to help find the right services at the right prices.

Ameri-Tech has the experience and the creativity to find solutions to the challenges that confront our boards. Residents can be quite inventive in their interpretation of association regulations, and Ameri-Tech property managers are just as adept at researching creative solutions to the differences of opinion that can develop, whether the point of contention is between Board and resident, or between neighbors on the property.

We understand, too, that not everyone is suited for association living, and we help our boards evaluate new resident applications to help avoid future conflicts.

We appreciate the many issues that have to be considered in preparing a fiscally responsible budget, and we help our boards plan for routine expenses like grounds keeping and pool maintenance, as well as for emergency expenditures for storm damage, fires, and broken water lines. We help our boards hold the line on rising maintenance while always ensuring that fees reflect the real costs of property maintenance.

Ameri-Tech is also well versed in the importance of risk management and provides our communities with access to insurance coverage for Comprehensive General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, and Fidelity Bonds. We have the training to help our communities select the right levels of coverage for their association and board member needs.

Perhaps most important, Ameri-Tech Community Management offers comprehensive services to our boards, providing them with honesty and integrity, and performing with a level of transparency that is refreshing.

Our goals for each property are easy to understand:

  • Protection of property values
  • Control of maintenance fees
  • Economical and effective property maintenance
  • Fiscally responsible planning for capital expenses

These four points form the foundation of our property management philosophy, and provide our boards and residents with security and peace of mind.

We know that the Tampa Bay area affords residents an exceptional quality of life. Our mission is to support that quality of life with the most professionally prepared, fiscally responsible, quality property management services at every turn.

If you know of other communities that are in need of top-notch management services, please share our number with a board member and invite them to Experience the Difference!