Hurricane Guide


Ten Steps to Save Your Family During a Hurricane

  1. Determine are you staying or leaving when the storm is approaching? What evacuation level do you live in?
  2. If you are leaving pack a plastic box (a GO box) with your medicines, proof of insurance, credit cards, cash, water, food, a video of your possessions and anything else you have to have to survive for up to two weeks.
  3. Check the condition of your property; remove all potential flying objects, lawn equipment, garbage cans, pool equipment, loose tree limbs. Check that your roof and gutters drain properly. Buy or make window protection, shudders, ply wood or high security window film professional installed.
  4. Check your insurance coverage with your agent, video your home and all your possessions. Make two copies, mail one to an out of state friend or relative, take one with you when you leave, put it in your GO box!
  5. Plan your evacuation; who picks up the children, older relatives? Who picks up last minute food items, prescriptions? Where do you meet? Where do you go? GA, TN, NC? Have a detailed plan. You must leave early when the storm is at least 24 hours away otherwise you may be stuck on the interstate. Fill your car’s gas tank.
  6. Watch/Listen to weather forecasts every few hours, the storm can change direction and/or intensify very quickly.
  7. Secure your home, turn off the water and power, lock all doors and windows. Remove all outside objects that could become projectiles.
  8. Let your out of town relatives know where you are going to, take your cell phones, address books including email addresses so you can contact your friends and relatives once the storm is over.
  9. Take your pets to an approved shelter.
  10. Return only after the authorities indicate it is safe. Coming home to no power or water will not be a pleasant or safe experience. Plan to be away for a minimum of several days, could be as long as two weeks.