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2019 Holiday Safety Tips

Travel Safety Tips

Holiday season is approaching fast and most people make plans to travel to relatives, friends or just get away.

Tips to help prepare for your Holiday travels.

Prepare your home for safety while your away.

If you have a home security system, ensure it is properly working.

Check your alarms, cameras, motion detectors, and all other monitoring equipment.

Make sure your alarm monitoring company is aware of you being away.

If you do not have a monitoring company, you may want to consider adding that service to your system for the time you are away.

Ask one of your neighbors to periodically check on you property while you are away.

Vehicle preparing and maintenance tips:

Car trouble is a common problem that travelers experience during the holidays. Being stuck on the side of the road is one of the last things you want to happen when traveling, especially for the holidays.

Have your vehicle inspected or serviced prior to your travel plans.

Keep an emergency kit for your vehicle in it.

Check your spare tire, car jack, jumper cables and ensure they are properly working.

Have a first aid kit available.

Have your travel plans mapped out ahead of time! Check your travel routes to make sure there is no construction or road closings or other traffic related issues that could delay your journey.

Have a up to date working Navigation (GPS) system.

Have a working cell phone and charger in your vehicle.

Keep valuables in the truck or in a hidden location in the vehicle not easily viewable.

If you travel with children, remind them to not talk to strangers. Go with them to the restroom and give them a whistle to be used if you get separated.

Have your road assistance information ready for all family members to access in the event of an incident.

Be mindful of weather and of any changes that may affect your travel plans.