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Message From The CFO

Hello, I’m Karen Browder, Vice President and CFO of Ameri-Tech Companies

Our staff is dedicated to providing professional friendly service to all of our Association members.

At Ameri-Tech each property is assigned a property manager and a staff accountant.  By doing so, it provides for more efficient operation of the Associations’ business, and gives you two knowledgeable people to assist the owners of your association.
The staff accountants post all of the associations’ income on a daily basis pay their approved bills every 2 weeks and work diligently on collections throughout the month.

Timely financial reports are the strength of every organization.  At Ameri-Tech financial reports including balance sheet, income statement, budget analysis, delinquencies, reconciled bank statements and disbursement reports are guaranteed to be in the mail by the 10th of each and every month.

Delinquencies and collections have become a major problem at many associations. At Ameri-Tech our staff realizes the importance of collecting assessments and we follow all the state mandated notice requirements. The managers follow up with the associations’ attorney to make sure every effort is made to collect on the delinquent assessments or foreclose, whichever is deemed the most appropriate action.

My partner Mike Perez and I understand that changing management companies is a very difficult and important decision. However, we also know the abilities and talent of our dedicated staff. We are all here to make your transition an easier one.  We know you will be satisfied with the timely service and the attention to detail provided by Ameri-Tech.
Thank you for visiting our site today and make Ameri-Tech your next phone call.


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